Strategic Design using DDD - Mile High Agile Conference 2011

8. April 2011
Mile High Agile 2011I've uploaded the slides from yesterday's presentation at the Mile High Agile Conference here in Denver to SlideShare, and included them below.

I wanted to say how impressed I was with the conference. Around 500 attendees, 4 tracks and an open space! This was a lot for the organizing committee to bite off, but the conference exceeded everyone's expectations.

It was great to be a presenter, and also Sponsor the event through The Agile Cooperative and be able to give away a prize. I was proud to be part of the event, and thank those who attended my session at the end of the day and gave me such great feedback.

Strategic Design - Meh?

One interesting question I was asked is why isn't strategic design a more popular conference and agile community topic?

I don't know. In terms of the actual session itself, I felt that it was well-attended, and that everyone was very engaged through the presentation. In terms of the mechanics of the talk, next time I won't need to rely on my notes like I did yesterday. For the timeslot, I was also up against Bob Hartman and other popular presenters.

As to the broader question of lack of focus on strategic design in the agile community, I think that is a topic for another blog post. Stay tuned - there were a number of great questions during and after the session, and I will respond to them all via blog posts in the coming weeks.

Improving my Presentation Title - Free Prize!

Another reason - I think - is the pedestrian title for the presentation. Perhaps I need to spice it up a little.

Here are some tongue-in-check (or not) suggestions, feel free to propose others:

  • How agile development killed design
  • Scrum is the worst thing that every happened to strategic software design
  • Agile design - how did we get so far off track?
  • Why is agile design rarely strategic?
  • Strategy and Design - finding a line of sight
  • Aligning strategy and agile design
  • ...?
What do YOU think I should call future iterations of the talk? I'll send a free copy of Eric's DDD book to the best suggestion.
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