Announcement: Lean Software and Systems Conference, April 21-23

21. January 2010

Atlanta 2010 Speaker

I’ll be attending the Lean Software & Systems Confence in Atlanta this April (21-23), presenting this session:

Measure for Measure: Lean Principles for Effective Metrics and Motivation

This presentation explores the nature of motivation and the place of metrics and measurement in software development, and how lean software development principles and practices shed light on motivation and metrics and how they can be used to support deep organizational improvement. We will examine the nature of motivation in terms of the four intrinsic rewards that drive positive engagement, and also how certain approaches to measuring and managing performance lead to organizational dysfunction. We will also show how the application of lean principles such as building quality into the product, respect for people and optimizing the whole enable more effective approaches to motivation and metrics in software development.

I have been interested in metrics and measurement for a while now, and concerned about how a naive understanding and application of various types of instrumentation in agile projects actually works against agile values. I said as much when I participated in the Agile Denver “Metrics in Agile” panel discussion last August. However, when applied carefully and thoughtfully, I think metrics and measurement have a great deal of value. These are some of the thoughts I will be expanding on in my session. I hope to present this session publicly at least once in Denver before April, so stay tuned.

I highly recommend this conference for anyone interested in implementing Lean software development principles in their organization. The official Twitter tag is #lssc10. I hope to see you there.

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