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Come to my Design/Architecture BOF Session at the Tech Trifecta this Saturday!

25. February 2010

This Saturday is the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta. Over 500 [Updated: Julie Yack just informed me we have 630 registered as of this AM!] people are registered for this free (yes, free!) event. Why aren’t you?

If you are attending, then drag yourself out of bed a little earlier and come to my Design/Software Architecture birds of a feather (BOF) session at 7:30am (yes, 7:30am!!!) in room 1535

To sweeten the deal, I will have also have some awesome prizes to give away (books, a JetBrains license, and an Infragistics license)!!!

No excuses here, I will be fresh as a daisy after my late night flight back from NYC tomorrow night. I expect everyone else to be raring to go. Or, at least, to have had enough coffee to get their heart rate up.

If you are interested in agile design and testing, or on an agile project and struggling with how to go about it, then this BOF session is for you. The main focus will be on the different types of testing, how they integrate with our design efforts, and how we get better at making them “play nicely together.” Here is the session information:

Testing the Architecture: Getting design and testing to play nicely together

If we cannot test our systems, then we cannot validate that they function as they should: testability is crucial for the systems we create. We now have a huge variety of options in terms of testing tools and frameworks - ranging from unit test frameworks such as MSTest, NUnit, xUnit and MBUnit, to Automated Test-Driven Development (ATDD) frameworks such as Cucumber and FitNesse. But good design and writing tests are often the first thing to go when the pressure is on. In this session we will discuss the different types of software testing that can be done, the relationship between testing and design, and what types of testing approaches might be appropriate for your situation. Come prepared to share your testing experiences and challenges, and to gain insights on how to build quality in every day.

I will be sharing some of what I have learnt, but this  is primarily a hands-on, interactive session with lots of peer-discussion about your questions and struggles around doing architecture, design and testing in an incremental and iterative process. I hope to see you there!

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