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Upcoming Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Immersion classes

22. July 2011

Domain Language

I wanted to let everyone know I will be teaching two of the public DDD Immersion classes for Domain Language between now and the end of this year, one in Denver and one in New York. Seats are still available for these classes, but likely to go fast. The early bird discount for the September class in Denver is still available at this time.

Go to http://www.domainlanguage.com/training to register.

Here is the schedule:

Sept 20, Denver, CO
DDD Immersion
Instructor Paul Rayner
$2790 $2090 if booked by 8/12


Nov 29, New York, NY
DDD Immersion
Instructor Paul Rayner
$2790 $2490 if booked by 10/21


For those of you who are perhaps not familiar with the DDD Immersion, it is a 4 day deep-dive into creative domain modeling, combining hands-on coding with group modeling exercises for a truly immersive learning experience. I attended the class in February in NYC in Feb of last year, and wrote in detail about my experience. Since then I have become a certified DDD Immersion instructor.


Here is what a typical class looks like:

Day 1: Model Exploration and Ubiquitous Language

  • Domain-driven design overview
  • Making implicit concepts explicit
  • Ubiquitous Language

Afternoon: Jumping in with code

  • Brainstorming models
  • Expressing a model in software
  • Building-block patterns (entities, value objects, repositories, etc.)
  • Test-first development as a modeling process

Day 2 Morning: Modeling with Domain Experts

  • Techniques and pitfalls of bringing about a creative collaboration.
  • Modeling out loud

Day 2 Afternoon: Supple Design

  • Patterns and techniques to tighten models and their connection to code.
  • Making code obvious, easier to use and change
  • Modeling for transactional integrity and distributed systems

Day 3: Strategic Design

Morning: Context Mapping

  • Pragmatic approach to dealing with diverse models and designs on real projects
  • Relationships between subsystems/ relationships between teams

Afternoon: Distilling the Core Domain

  • Distinguishing the core from the mass
  • Ways of focusing effort
  • Clarifying a shared vision
  • Setting up a project for success

Day 4: Bringing it Together

  • Design/code challenge - model supple design with context map
  • Round-table discussion of SOA and enterprise frameworks with DDD
  • In-depth discussion and Q&A, relating all topics to each other and to your own work
Your class was a great experience on many levels…of course what I learned about DDD - fabulous - but also how you taught the class and the interactive nature of it is just wonderful.
Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework.
Unlike some trainings and courses I’ve experienced, I don’t think anyone left this course without a very solid understanding of how they can better pursue DDD in their own environments.
Brian Donahue, May 2010

There is also another Denver public class scheduled for January - for those who like sunshine with their Winter snow!


Jan 17, Denver, CO
DDD Immersion
Instructor Paul Rayner
$2790 $2090 if booked by 12/2

I should also mention that Domain Language can also provide DDD Immersion classes and DDD consulting onsite for your team.


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